The Created Studios, LLC. is a creative brand looking to develop custom identities that expose the personality and integrity for other brands world wide. My focus is to create simple and clean identities that will easily be recognizable but sophisticated in meaning.

Every brand starts off with a problem. Solving those problems and finding work arounds are what I have a passion for.

How are you invoicing? How do you stay consistent between social networking sites? How do you…. Well I also figure out strategies that best fit your brand.


It depends on the service you require, but for most things it takes no less then two weeks. There is an additional fee for projects with an rush order on them.

This also depends on the size and requirements of your project. You can inquire for an estimate. I do offer payment plans for larger projects.

The amount of work required for a company of less then 10 employees is not the same as the amount of work required for a company three times its size. Putting a price list up would misrepresent my services since every project is different and is treated based upon that.

After I research, I will create a mood board which is a compilation of ideas, sketches, thoughts, etc. So we know from the beginning that we are on the same page. It’s a point of reference for you and me.

After you pick one of the proofs then we start with revisions if need be.

I do a deposit up front that is not refundable. The balance is due before the files are transferred to you.

You will be involved in the design process. You will be able to see where we are design wise in the different steps, it’s not a blind side at the end.

Answer these questions and organize your ideas into concepts!

Get Started!

Who Am I?

I am Nehemiah P. the artist behind the Created Studios. I’ve been doing graphic design since 2007. In 2012 I started to really focus on my portfolio which led to me start The Created Studios, LLC. in February of 2013. I focus on creating Brand Identity’s for small businesses and start-ups. My background as an artist is diverse from oil paint to 3-D animation. My passion is to use simplicity and design to get a message across whether it be to 1 or 1 billion. I love what I do, I love art, I love design, I love simplicity; all beautiful things.

Why do I design?

I love the way positive and neagative space can come together for form an image. I love  simplicity because it is powerful. I enjoy the process of figuring out what icon or logo mark will best work for another individual or company. Taking the ideas that I come up with and the message that represents that individual keep me in a constant state of thrill.


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